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    Christmas Stocking

    Christmas stockings for the fur children in three varieties for Heavy, Medium and Light Chewers

    HEAVY CHEWERS: Pork roll, kangaroo filled hoof, roo tail, moo tube large, rabbit tube, shark skin denta, lamb bone & pork trotter

    MEDIUM CHEWERS: Moo tube, fish stick, lamb bone, beef ear, pork trotter, cow hoof, pork twist, bully stick, chewb, pig snout & 3 x chicken skewers.

    LIGHT CHEWERS: Fish stick, mackerel twist, lamb ear, 2 x chicken skewers, roo/chicken/lamb sticks, 4 x beef jerky straps, 4 x sweet potato & chicken, 6 x kangaroo crinkles & 8 x fish & chicken sushi

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    Edible Christmas Cards

    Crunch Cards are made from rawhide – carefully pressed and artfully decorated. From Christmas to Birthdays or “Just BePaws,” each greeting and design is rendered in non-toxic inks, making the card completely edible!

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