Christmas Stocking

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Christmas stockings for the fur children in three varieties for Heavy, Medium and Light Chewers




HEAVY CHEWERS:Pork Roll, large Chewb, Kangaroo filled cow hoof, Lamb Bone, Moo Tube, Beef Flap, Pig Trotter, Chicken Skewer, Beef Jerky Strap

MEDIUM CHEWERS:Moo Tube, Cow Hoof, Pig Ear, Pork Twist, Beef Flap, Fish Stick, Veal Tendon, Pig Snouts (2) Chicken Skewers (2), Beef Jerky Straps (2)

LIGHT CHEWERS:Beef Jerky Straps (2), Chicken Skewers (2) Emu Stick, Lamb Ear (2) Mackerel Twist, Pig Snout (2) Turkey Stick, 100g Lamb Spleen

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Weight 1500 g
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Light Chewers, Medium Chewers, Heavy Chewers